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This form can be used by relatives or by a Funeral Director to make arrangements for a burial, burial of ashes or scattering of ashes.
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Details of deceased and requested arrangements

Please give the following details of the deceased person. The address should be their last residential address, e.g. not a hospital address.

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Burial in standard 9 ft x 7 ft grave plot including memorial tree £800.00
Burial or scattering of ashes in single 3 ft x 3 ft plot including wildflower turf £350.00
Burial or scattering of ashes in 9 ft x 7 ft family plot with rights for up to 5 further family members to be interred in the future. An administration fee of £100 is charged for each use after the first. £800.00
Scattering of ashes among uncharted woodland trees £200.00
Proposed date: * Proposed time: * :
Is the deceased an existing member? Yes No   If not we will ask for more information later and advise fee payable.
Complete this shaded section only if the deceased has already paid for burial rights and is an existing member of the Association.
Membership certificate number: If you do not know this, enter 'Not Known' or call us.
If the membership does not include a memorial tree (see certificate or call us), do you want to add one for an additional fee of £50.00?
Yes No   If you decide to add a tree, you will be able to choose a variety later.
Grave digger:   Grave-digger's Phone:
If you leave blank, we will arrange for a local grave digger to contact you. You, or your Funeral Director, must pay him directly. If you prefer to make your own arrangements, please give us your grave-digger's name and phone number so we can liaise and advise the allocated location.
Minister: If applicable. We serve both religious and secular burials.
Burial in reserved plot alongside:
If applicable, give full name of previously interred person.
Do you want to reserve adjacent plots? No Yes     If yes, you will need to apply for additional Memberships within 4 weeks.
Memorials: We do not permit the erection of headstones but encourage families to place an engraved slate plaque at the head of the grave or adjacent to memorial trees. These are not included in our charges and you will need to pay the supplier directly. Please see our guidelines.
We prefer to send you future communications by email. I am happy to receive communications by email OR please send by post
If the deceased is not a member, or I have added a memorial tree, I will pay the fee by: Cheque OR Bank transfer

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