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This form should NOT be used to request a burial. Please use our Request for burial form to make arrangements for a burial.
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If you are applying for membership for yourself, please give your own details. If you are applying on behalf of someone else, please give their details.

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Next-of-Kin or nominated Representative.

You may nominate someone, usually your next-of-kin, to represent you after your death and they will be able to vote on matters regarding the Association. You may leave this section blank if you prefer. We must have their consent for us to hold their personal data so we cannot accept your nomination until they consent. Please ask them to send us a Representative's Consent form. They can do that online or by sending us their consent by post.

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Your Requirements

Please select what burial rights you wish to have. Fees do not include the cost of grave digging or any funeral expenses. Please contact us if you need any help completing this section or if you have any special requirements.

Burial in a 9 ft x 7 ft charted grave plot with Memorial Tree at head of grave plot (Fee £750.00)
Burial or Scattering of ashes in a 3 ft x 3 ft charted plot with wildflower turf (Fee £350.00)
Burial or Scattering of ashes in a 9 ft x 7 ft family plot with Memorial Tree at head of plot (Fee £750.00) Includes rights for up to 5 further family members to be interred in the future. An administrative fee of £100.00 is charged for each burial after the first.
Scattering of ashes among trees in uncharted woodland area (Fee £200.00)

Do you have other family members who wish to have adjacent plots? (ONLY applicable for charted plots.)
No Yes
You can reserve adjacent plots by sending us further applications and paying the appropriate fees now. The location of plots will not be decided until a first death.
Which variety of memorial tree would you like? (ONLY applicable for 9 ft x 7 ft plots.) Only varieties from this list are permitted.
We do not permit the erection of headstones but encourage families to place an engraved slate plaque at the head of the grave or adjacent to memorial trees. These are not included in our charges.

By sending this form you confirm that you accept our Membership Rules which you can read here and consent to us holding your personal data. Any personal data we hold will only be used to contact you about your membership, to send you information about the Association or to comply with our statutory duties. We will not pass your data to any third parties and you have the right to ask for a copy of the data we hold at any time. When you click SEND, we will give you instructions how to pay for your membership. You will then receive a Certificate of Membership which you should retain safely; keeping it with your will is recommended.

We prefer to send you future communications (except for your Membership Certificate) by email.
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I will send a cheque payable to 'Yealmpton Woodland Burial Association' OR I will pay be bank transfer
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