Welcome to the Yealmpton Woodland Burial

Yealmpton Woodland Burial is set in a beautiful part of the South Hams with far-reaching views of Dartmoor and the Yealm estuary. As many churchyards can no longer advert accommodate more burials and people seek to preserve the natural environment, woodland burials are becoming an increasingly attractive alternative. Formerly part of an arable farm since Saxon times, the ground is being planted as a natural woodland. Since its establishment in 2003 some 250 burials have taken place and more than 400 people have become members. Membership of the Association allows you to to secure the final resting place of your choice and reserve adjacent burial plots for the future burial of family members. Costs are generally lower than alternatives and once the initial subscription is paid there are no further costs to be borne by those you leave behind. As part of a pre-paid funeral plan, you can have peace of mind that all your funeral costs are taken care of.

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Celebrate the life of a loved one

We seek to make a burial a true celebration of the life of the deceased and to provide families with as much time as they need; we do not normally have more than one burial on any day so you do not need to hurry away, and you can visit as often and whenever you wish.

Flexible approach to funerals

Anyone can be buried, or have their ashes buried or scattered, at our burial ground irrespective of their personal beliefs. It is not consecrated ground but you can choose to have individual graves blessed and have complete freedom to arrange whatever style of funeral you prefer. You may, if you wish, employ a funeral director, have a religious service, use an independent celebrant or conduct the interment yourself.

In harmony with nature

To preserve the natural environment, we allow only bio-degradable materials to be brought onto the site and ask that coffins be made from materials such as soft wood, willow or bamboo. These return to the soil as nature intended and do not impede the growth of saplings that will be planted in memory of those who are buried here. We ask that no embalming fluids or plastic of any kind be used though we accept that burial with artificial joints may occur.

A sustainable future

The burial ground is run on a 'not-for-profit' basis and, when full, will be maintained in perpetuity as a natural woodland. The total area extends over 9.6 acres so will be able to serve the local community for many years to come. The area reserved for future use is continuing to be used as meadowland.

We trust this website will answer most of your questions but please feel free to contact us at any time for further help or advice.